Nothing Left is a Interactive and Episodiac Fanfiction written by IDEK, that is intended to take place in the game universe, but due to being set in England, has very little references to the game itself, Due to this, It consists Entirely on OC's.

The Fanfiction Originally Began on January 12th, at some point through the second episode there was a hiatus before it continued, it had another hiatus shortly after episode 5 began, it has recently re-started. but halfway through the fifth episode, it got cancelled since the author lost intrest

Episodes Edit





First Days

Jan 12 2014

Jan 17 2014


Harmful Circumstances

Feb 15 2014

Jun 8 2014


No Hope

Jul 24 2014

Aug 5 2014


All Alone

Aug 8 2014

Aug 28 2014


Tempest by the Tide

Sep 5 2014


Cast Edit

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