"No Fucking Duh,Sherlock! Now come on,Let's find more of those Bastards and Gun them down!"
—Nikki to Johnathon in a One-Off Rampage

Nikki Maleire


Nothing Left






Late Twenty's to Early Thirty's




William Lawliet (Fiance)

First Appearance

Episode 1:First Days



Series Lifespan

First Days to Present



Nikki is a Character who appears in Nothing Left by IDEK. She is a Major Character and was Originally in the Warehouse Group with Johnathon, Hope, Miles, Harry, Malcolm, Jacob, William, and Claude,


Nikki is Usually a Solemn Person.Rarely Letting much of her Emotion out and Often holding it in, Although this hasn't shown to be detrimental to her or anyone else's health, as one would think. Although when she is Angry, It is Very dangerous to be around her and a Rampant, Ranting Nature inside the Stoic Demeanor is Let out chaotically.Normally she just Walks away when this type of thing happens.

Over time in the Story, she has become the De Facto Leader simply due to the fact that she's turning her grief into a chance to survive And everyone else left in the group doesn't really show their opinion that often. with the exception of Johnathon.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Not Much is Known about Nikki's Pre-Apocalypse life after then she lived somewhere near Tilmore Road and was about to Be Married.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Numerous Bandits
  • Benji
  • Numerous Members of Terry's Group
  • Gerald (after Re-animation)
  • Lorna (Possibly)
  • A lot of Walkers


  • There are a few Hints towards Nikki having some sort of Anger Management Problem
    • Walking Away after Being stressed out is a Method often used by people with Anger Issues
  • Nikki has the Highest Kill-Count out of all the Warehouse Members
  • She is one of two characters who's Gun is not Millitary,So exactly how she acquired it is unknown
  • Nikki was one of the four Characters who's designs were shown before the Fic Began

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