Nate (RFL)


Reasons For Living






Mid 20's


Unknown (pre-apocalypse)



First Appearance

Chapter 31: Hit The Streets (In Harm's Way)



Series Lifespan

Chapter 31 (In Harm's Way)



"Aw, get back here asshole! We were just getting warmed up!"- Nate to Luke as he runs away while shooting at him.

Little is known about Nate, other than the fact that he hates having anything taken from him, and will go to extreme lengths to get anything stolen from him back, even if he obtained it from steeling.


Nothing is known about Nate's life before the apocalypse, other than that he presumably knew how to operate a car.

Post ApocalypseEdit

While in the town of Marion, Virginia, Nate kills an unnamed survivor and prevents him from reanimating. The circumstances that lead to the killing of this surviver are not known. Afterwords, he takes a motorcycle helmet of the survivor, and prevents him from reanimating. He searches the body, and walks away when he discovers nothing of value on him.

After he searches a building for supplies (and apparently finds something, he finds Luke taking a motorcycle belonging to the survivor he just killed. He views the bike as his, and opens fire on Luke as he drives away on the bike.

Later that day, Nate finds Luke while in his car. It is unknown if he chased Luke or came across him accidently, but either way, he attacks Luke. Luke manages to lure Nate out of his car and into a building, and traps him inside with lurkers. Nate is last seen firing on Luke from the window of the building he's trapped in.

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Motorcycle survivor
  • Numerous amounts of lurkers
  • Possibly numerous amounts of survivors.



"That's my bike you orange shirted fuck!"

Nate loathes Luke as soon as he sees him for steeling what Nate viewed as his motorcycle. Even after being separated from Luke for several hours, he opens fire on him immediately.


  • Nate is not actually named in this fic, but it is obvious to anyone who has played 400 days who this character is.

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