Into The Fray's original poster.

Into The Fray, written by Thunderslate, is an Episodic Fan Fiction that is intended to take place within the Video Game Universe.

It can be read here.

The Fanfiction made its debut on June 14th 2014, and is still ongoing.

The story follows the main cast of 400 days - Vince, Wyatt, Shel, Becca and Russell - and cycles through the Points Of View of those characters. Other characters are also in the group, but are not POV characters.






Into The Fray

Jun 14 2014

Jun 21 2014


Lost In Transit

Jul 1 2014

Jul 7 2014


The Enemy Within

Jul 11 2014

Jul 24th 2014


Blood Runs Cold

Jul 27th 2014

8th August 2014


Nowhere To Run

14th August 2014

26th August 2014


In order of appearance:

  • William Carver (voiced by Michael Madsen in-game)
  • Hank (voiced by Sean Ainsworth in-game)
  • Tyler
  • Tavia (voiced by Rashida Clendening in-game)
  • Troy (voiced by Owen Thomas in-game)
  • Vince  (voiced by Anthony Lam in-game)
  • Shel  (voiced by Cissy Jones in-game)
  • Wyatt (voiced by Jace Smykel in-game)
  • Becca (voiced by Brett Pels in-game)
  • Miles
  • Laura
  • Annie
  • Russell (voiced by Vegas Trip in-game)
  • Luke (voiced by Scott Porter in-game)
  • Nick (voiced by Brian Bremer in-game)
  • Ralph (voiced by Jared Emerson-Johnson in-game)
  • Marshall
  • Shepherd
  • Daniel
  • Lucia
  • David
  • Ethan
  • Donald
  • Brandon
  • Ivan
  • Pete (Flashback)
  • Rebecca (Flashback)
  • Alvin (Flashback)
  • Sarah (Flashback)

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