"Get the lead out, Smiley."

Eugene Farley Reynolds


FUBAR, Inferno








National Guardsman


Lucy Bryant, Fiance (Unknown)

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FUBAR - Inferno



- Farley to Conner, mocking his friend's stoic demeanor.

Eugene Farley Reynolds, known as "Farley", was born in Wyoming before moving to Georgia at the age of five where he became the best friend of Conner Bryant and fiance to Lucy Bryant, Conner's sister. Before the apocalypse he had dreams of becoming an officer in the Marine Corps, but instead stuck with Conner and joined the National Guard. During the opening days of the apocalypse, he participated in evacuating citizens along the road to Atlanta and the failed defense of Outpost Echo just outside of Macon, Georgia.


Farley was born in Wyoming as "Eugene Farley Reynolds." After moving to Statesboro, Georgia with his family at the age of five he met Conner and Lucy Bryant, the two who would become his best friends. He quickly grew to despise the name "Eugene" so instead opted to be known by his middle name, Farley, to those around him. From a young age Farley desired to become a leader, an officer in the Marines, but his dreams became more and more difficult to achieve as he went through school. Conner suffered from a variety of anger issues and violent impulses, leading Lucy to ask Farley to promise to watch out for Conner when she couldn't and to keep his issues under control. Farley agreed, and the two did their best to keep the extent of Conner's issues from him to let him lead as normal a life as possible despite these problems.

At age 15 Farley smoked his first cigarette and was immediately hooked. He became an avid smoker, a habit that he would keep for the rest of his days in school and into his career in the military. After graduating from High School Farley was prepared to go to college and get a degree before joining the Marines, but Conner insisted on joining immediately. Unable to dissuade his friend, Farley gave up on college and enlisted alongside Conner. When Conner's entrance exams showed evidence of his severe aggression problems and he was rejected, Farley dropped out in order to stay with him and look after him as he had promised Lucy. The two attempted to join the Army, with similar results for both of them. Finally they wound up enlisting in the National Guard. Once again Conner was rejected, but thanks to Farley and a mildly sympathetic friend of the recruiter Conner was allowed to enter the armed forces. Farley's smoking habit and sarcastic personality put him at odds with their commanders, causing no end of strife while he was on duty.

It was during this time that Farley proposed to Lucy. She accepted and the two began to plan their wedding. Things were looking up. Conner had been accepted into a military post like he wanted, and thankfully one that would never see combat, while Farley and Lucy were prepared to begin a life together.


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